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Tesla plans to release a Model 3 with Roadster inspired Facelift in 2024

In an effort to capitalize on the demand for its highly anticipated Roadster, Tesla has announced plans to release a 2024 Model 3 with a roadster-like design. While the Roadster itself has been in development for several years, it is still not expected to hit production anytime soon. However, Tesla's marketing team recognizes the enthusiasm for the vehicle and hopes to offer an alternative with the upcoming Model 3. The 2024 Model 3 will feature slimmer headlights with new DRL that resemble the refreshed Model S and Model X, giving the car a sharper and more modern appearance. This move is in line with Tesla's strategy of making small changes rather than releasing entirely new models. The Model 3 platform...

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Cup Holder Shifter for Tesla is here!

Today we are proud to present to you our first product in a line of creative Cup Holder Shifters for Tesla Model 3 and Y. Looks pretty unusual, doesn't it? People who come across our product for the first time in showrooms and charging stations are also very surprised. The manual shifter and manual transmission in a modern electric vehicle….What? Yes, in fact, this is just a fidget toy in the wide list of Tesla accessories, but you must agree - you have never seen anything like it before!   Why are manual shifters still popular? How does this invention work? Anyone who has ever owned a car with a manual transmission will easily understand how this device works. The...

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