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Cup Holder Shifter for Tesla is here!

Today we are proud to present to you our first product in a line of creative Cup Holder Shifters for Tesla Model 3 and Y.

tesla model 3 cup holder shifter gloss black

Looks pretty unusual, doesn't it? People who come across our product for the first time in showrooms and charging stations are also very surprised. The manual shifter and manual transmission in a modern electric vehicle….What? Yes, in fact, this is just a fidget toy in the wide list of Tesla accessories, but you must agree - you have never seen anything like it before!
Why are manual shifters still popular?

How does this invention work? Anyone who has ever owned a car with a manual transmission will easily understand how this device works. The modern car industry is moving towards complete automation of driving and an increasing refusal to involve the driver in touch with the road. Not all car owners are happy with this fact - a lot of people still prefer to have a complete control of the vehicle and of everything that happens in front of them on the road.
But ultimately, the final mission of Elon Musk's tech giant is to achieve complete automation of driving and maximum driver comfort. No matter how old-fashioned driving fans cling to a pleasing past, fully autonomous vehicles are only a matter of time.

tesla interior accessory cup holder

Fantastic innovation for Tesla owners.

If you have already become the happy owner of the new Tesla, you may have noticed that the car is already supplied quite well equipped with various devices, systems, and useful gadgets. However, there is no limit to tech perfection! You have the opportunity to further "mod" your Tesla EV with several useful and or not so much accessories.

Obviously, Tesla cars are at the top of human technological achievements. And each additional gadget has the potential to enhance your Tesla driving experience.
If you are already bored with your autopilot, our unique cup holder with a realistic speed-shifting function will make your commute to work more fun.
It is the best fit in situations where you have completely entrusted the driving on the road to the Tesla autopilot, but at the same time, out of habit, you do not know what to do with yourself! The fact that it is forbidden to use the phone while in the driver's seat, even with the autopilot on, certainly does not improve the situation.
It is the best fit in situations where you have completely entrusted the driving on the road to the Tesla autopilot, but at the same time, you don’t know what to do with your free time! The fact that it is forbidden to use the phone while in the driver's seat, even with the autopilot on, certainly does not improve the situation.
At least let's all say "Thank you" to Tesla engineers for one of the most comfortable seats ever and properly positioned armrests.


Why is the new cup holder shifter so convenient?

Have you thought about what you will do after the autopilot takes full control of the driving? Most likely, your free right hand will stretch down by itself - into the zone of the cupholder.
Here is the perfect spot for our compact Shifter Ninja.
With this device, you can shift gears in one click, like on a real stick-shift car. Shifter Ninja is a great gadget for those who have already fallen in love with Tesla's, but at the same time still appreciate good-old ICE vehicles for the vibe they have. The gear shifts are very smooth and not loud - they will in no way distract you or the car passengers.

The development of this Tesla accessory took us much longer than we expected, but we are completely satisfied with the result and we are rightfully proud of our innovation!

Shifter Ninja is the ultimate in reliability.

We’ve paid special attention to the materials used for the production and the level of reliability of the device. Our cup holder shifter has passed many rigorous tests under various temperature conditions. The surface of the device is made of the highest quality materials that perfectly match the interior of the Tesla car.
Taking care of our customers, we did not want to release this product into the Tesla accessory market until the tactile sensation from shifting was exactly as we expected. We've tried most of the popular game controllers for racing game simulators, but only few of them could truly convey the feel of a real gearbox. The main problems of joysticks were the poor shift-resistance, as well as their huge dimensions, which definitely would not have been possible to integrate into the cup holder slot.

Another challenge was finding parts of the required size and suitable configuration in sufficient quantities for the mass production. We have checked all hardware stores in our region, and also ordered promising samples from more than 20 suppliers on the Internet to find what we need. And now, after some struggles, we still managed to find the necessary combination and launch the production of our car gadget.

cup holder shifter color top

You can choose any color and design of the cupholder.

The design of our product has several variations. The upper part of the Shifter Ninja can be made of matte or glossy acrylic, as well as natural wood - everything depends entirely on your taste and the interior of your car:

  • For example, matte black works well with any Tesla model 3 and Y, but it will look especially good with the updated black interior and the first generation of cars if your canter console is wrapped with a matte film.
  • Glossy and matte white colors are the choice for a white interior. The silvery screws of the cup holder shifter look well with the aluminum inserts on the dashboard of the car.
  • Wooden style - for fans of natural materials. It is most harmoniously combined with the wooden dashboard and wooden inserts on the doors of the 2021+ Model 3.

We go an extra mile with the manufacturing of the Cup Holder Shifter, made in the style of natural wood. First, we pick a piece of wood with a fine pattern, then, using a laser, we cut it and engrave the top side. Further, with the help of careful manual sanding, we bring the surface to perfect condition and apply several layers of expensive varnish. A few days after the varnish is completely dry, and we carry out another hand sanding. At the final stage, our craftsmen apply several more layers of varnish, which is necessary to emphasize the relief of the texture of the wooden surface and give it a deep.

We are also ready to accept any orders from you for custom cup holder shifters - of any shape, form, or color. We can even put your company logo on the top. Your customized fake shifter is an excellent marketing tool for company identity and great gift for you partners or employees.


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